As a writer living with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, Amy hopes to dispel the myth that disabled people are hopeless, helpless, and unfuckable. Mainstream media struggles to portray degenerative and variable conditions accurately, often opting to show the worst possible outcomes (disability, early death, euthanasia), or the best (climbing mountains “despite” illness, wow so inspirational).

MS Is My Boyfriend is an attempt to offer an alternative, honest portrayal of what life with a chronic illness is really like. From exploring topics that healthcare professionals struggle to advise on like orgasms and intimacy, to the negative impacts the condition has on relationships, career, quality of life, and future prospects, the show is about people, not disease.

The extract performed at PULSE is the culmination of two R&D phases, in which Amy (writer & performer) and Degna (producer) worked with Anna Ryder (director) and Rachel Glover (set design). Following PULSE, the team hopes to create a full-length version of MS Is My Boyfriend, with a view to touring studio theatres in early 2018.